• Baalbek
    Baalbek The ‘Sun City’ of the ancient world, is home to the most impressive ancient site in Lebanon and the Middle East
  • Dhour El Shweir
    Dhour El Shweir One of Mount Lebanon's favored summer resorts and is important for its August yearly carnival, honoring Lebanon's emigrants.
  • Jbeil
    Jbeil The ancient city of Byblos was selected as this year’s best touristic destination by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
  • Jounieh Bay
    Jounieh Bay A half bowl of rugged cliffs and forested mountains clutching the shimmering bay.
  • Miziara
    Miziara Wearing its white coat, Miziara greets you sitting on a hilltop at 800 m above sea level.
  • Tyr
    Tyr Known as the Phoenician queen of the seas. Tyre is an island city of unprecedented splendor.

Lebanese International School



Established in 1964 with a vision of providing excellent education for Nigerians and the Lebanese children living in Lagos.


The school runs a Fully British Curriculum from Nursery to Grade 12. This curriculum is divided into four cycles or key stages similar to the National Curriculum in England and Wales. These are:

  • Nursery – KGs
  • Elementary: Grades 1-6
  • Intermediate: Grades 7-9
  • Senior Secondary: Grades 9-12

In 2009, the school commencedthe University of Cambridge Program and became CIE registered centre NG193 with experienced Cambridge certified teachers in all programs.
In grade 8, the British checkpoints Examination is offered and in grade 10, the students write the British IGCSE Program. In grades 11 and 12, they write the AS and A2 Examinations respectively in addition to SAT and TOEFL Examinations.

Over the years, performance has been excellent; students have consistently passed the IGCSE with distinctions. Also, within the last three years, the school has received awards in Academic excellence for consistent excellent results in IGCSE, AS and A2.
These results have also enabled students to gain admission into the sophomore level of universities in Lebanon and abroad.

The Lebanese school has a rich extra-curricular activities. Various awards have been won in Basket Ball, Gymnastics and Football.

Presently, the school in experiencing a growth in enrolment. The Lebanese school hopes to remain a qualitative international school in Nigeria by the grace of God.

Tel: +234-1775-4009 , +234 -1774 -0237
Principal: Mr. Ghibril Akram


School Photos





Due to new measures of the Civil Aviation Organization “ICAO” starting from 01/01/2015 , all Lebanese Nationals are recommended to apply for new passports 3 months before the expiry date of their blue passports.


Old red colored passports must be replaced by Nov. 24, 2015. To apply for a new passport, forms are available at the Consulate General. Click here for more information.

بناء على تعليمات المديرية العامة للامن العام للعام 2015 ، سوف يتم التوقف عن تجديد جوازات السفر اللبنانية من اللون الازرق اعتبارا من 01/01/2015 باستثناء الحالة التي يتقدم فيها صاحب العلاقة بطلب جواز سفر جديد وتكون صلاحية الجواز الموجود في حوزته قد شارفت على الانتهاءحيث يتم تجديد جواز سفره لمدة سنة واحدة فقط .Click here

عملا بالتوجيهات الجديدة لمنظمة الطيران المدني الدولي “ICAO” اعتبارا من 01/01/2015، يرجى من المواطنين اللبنانيين الذين شارفت صلاحية جوازات سفرهم الزرقاء على الانتهاء التقدم بطلبات جوازات سفر جديدة قبل حوالي ثلاثة اشهر من انتهاء الصلاحية .

18 Walter Carrington crescent, Victoria Island
Telephone: +234 1 271 3881
+234 1 271 3882
Emergency: 080 9559 9441
E-mail us here
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All payments of consular fees are in US Dollars only

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